McKinney Third Monday Trade Days

McKinney, Texas

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I never have understood why this event carries the name "Third Monday Trade Days" because it is never open on Mondays.  It runs on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday PRIOR to every third Monday of the month.  Why they don't just call it Third Friday Trade Days is a mystery to me.  I never see much trading either, just buying.  But even with the misnomers, it is a lot of fun.  We go a couple of times a year because it is so close.  It is free to enter although there is a $3.00 parking charge.

The McKinney Trade Days is a much scaled down version of the First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Tx (article to follow in the Spring).  It is located about 3 miles or so west of Hwy 75 on Hwy 380 in McKinney heading towards Denton.  It is on the north side of the road, but there is additional parking on the south side of Hwy 380 so parking is rarely a problem.

You will find a little bit of everything at the McKinney Trade Days ... furniture, food, home accessories, socks, sunglasses, shoes, rugs, knick knacks, birdhouses, hats,  jewelry, you name it.  Of course, you will see a lot of junk, but you will also find some great deals.  If you are looking for home accessories, especially western, southwestern, or rustic motif, this is a good place to find it. 

I tried to take pictures showing a representative cross section of exhibitors, but keep in mind, this is just a very small part of the event.





























And of Course, The Food






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