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Wylie, Texas

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I'll bet most people don't realize there's a wonderful big cat sanctuary right here in Wylie.  It's a little tucked away, as you can imagine, but well worth the short drive to see it.

Most of these big cats were rescued from other sanctuaries and poor living conditions.  Many are traumatized when they arrive, but we're told are slowly coming around.

This sanctuary is about as good a home as one could hope for these beautiful animals.  Their living areas are large, shady, clean and very well built. 

You can really get up close to these animals without concerns.  You have to view them through two heavy chain link fences.  That isn't great for photography, as you can see from the pictures below, but you are still right there with them.

All of the volunteers genuinely care for the cats.  We noticed some wreaths leaning against a fence and were told the volunteers had placed them there for one of their favorite Tigers that had died. 

Although I'm not one for caging animals, I also realize sometimes it's necessary.  These big cats are well cared for and happy. 

The sanctuary is run purely on public donations and they also have a nice gift shop.  We bought four or five T's, sweat shirts, and hats to help them out. 

This is a great educational opportunity for kids and adults will like it too.  I hope you'll take the time to visit them and tell your friends about it.
The big guy below walked with a severe limp in his hind legs.  We were told he was fed an unbalanced diet which led to that condition.  He was obviously one of the favorites of the staff. 


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