4 Grisak Group Agents Make KW Allen Top 10 out of 245

Congratulations, Erin, Sean, and Alice!

For the very first time, we had 4 agents make the Keller Williams Allen Top Ten for production in March.  We’ve had 3 in the monthly top Ten but never 4.  With 245 agents in our office, many very high producing, this is pretty impressive.  

This was Alice Robison’s first month to make the top 10 so a special congratulations to her.  She left the lunch to go to a closing on a $1.5 million Fairview home where she represented the seller with Wendi Splawn.  I’ll share that sale on this next week’s activity report.

From left to right is Erin Clifford with The Grisak Group, Chris Mickle our KW Allen office team leader, Taffney Wilson with The Wilson Realty Team, me with my hat hair (no-one told me), D’dee Fowler, Matt Wilson with the The Wilson Realty Team, and finally Alice Robison and Sean Elliott, both with The Grisak Group.  This was a well earned accomplishment for all of these agents and hopefully you’ll see them in the picture for the next month too.

PS, we had to photoshop Erin and Sean in since they were working and couldn’t attend the lunch.  That’s why it looks a little odd.  Sean appears to be about 6’4″ but I don’t think he’ll mind.