Heather Huff is our newest agent. She grew up in The Colony, TX. and graduated from Stephen F Austin with a degree in media and journalism. She has spent the majority of her career in sales and marketing, with her most recent experience as a social media coach for entrepreneurs. She'll be able to put that experience to great use in the real estate world.

Heather has a passion for helping others and serving her community and realized real estate was a great way to do both while also supporting her family. Heather, her husband, and three sons live in Little Elm. She has watched the area develop and turn into the vibrant suburban destination that it is today and will will be specializing in home and buyer representation on the west side of Collin County.

Heather is a veritable ball of energy and there's no doubt in our mind she will be another top producer and valuable asset to our team. We're very excited to have her!

Heather Huff

A typical day in my life…

Typical day for me starts with shuffling around little kids who have most likely snuck into my bed in the middle of the night to get a fresh start on the day. I love being up and getting prepared for the day while everyone is still asleep; I cherish that quiet time. After getting the kids fed and out the door, I've been enjoying a moment of personal development before I begin my day. Working from home, out meeting with potential clients, and previewing properties are my usual routine as a new agent. In the evenings, you can most likely find me reading a book, watching my husband cook dinner, and chasing around three kids and keeping them from destroying furniture. I try to get on the peloton and do a nighttime meditation before sleep takes me.

I was born…

Carrolton, Texas.

My favorite thing about Texas…

Queso. I have lived in Utah and realized I can never live anywhere that doesn't have consistently good queso.

I’m listening to…

Texas country is my go-to "easy listening" genre, but I love music too much to limit myself on any one category. You can find me listening to Heart, ELO, Scorpians, The Eagles, Sheryl Crow, The Weekend, Ariana Grande, Kasey Musgraves, the Bee Gees. I once DJ'd for an alernative rock radio station- I can talk music for hours.

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be…

My favorite fantasy fiction author, Sarah J Maas. Admittedly, I *need* to find out what is happening in the next additions of my favorites series' (lol) but also because I enjoy her writing style so much. As someone who aspires to one day write a fiction book myself, I would love to ask her scene-building questions over a good cab.

My favorite food is ...

Hot wings. I'm going through something right now, call it a phase. wings + ranch = I am happy

When I was younger, I wanted to be…

A famous singer! I chased that dream until college, but decided to pursue a different direction. I sing for fun now!

I’m inspired by…

Writers like Glennon Doyle, who really articulate the human experience and the richness of emotions. I believe stories can unite us and I'd love to someday pen something substantial.

The one person who motivates me is…

My children, or more specifically: the version of myself who is the best mother to my children. 'Her' - that woman who works hard to build a life for my kids, she's a badass motivator.

If I could change anything in the world, it would be…

The societal conditions that oppress women, which in turn, limit families and children. I have a lofty goal of empowering women to change the world.

The perfect day would be…

I'm in the south of France, taking in the cuisine and exploring the spiritual historic sites in the region.

My first job was…

Carhop at sonic. Yes, I wore skates. Yes, I loved it.

My worst job was ...

I worked at the financial aid office in college. It's not that this job was bad, but you had to have difficult conversations with families - all day long. As a 19 yr old, it wasn't exactly super fun.

My favorite escape…

Any hot springs! My best friend and I have a pact to go to every hot spring we can.

The one thing I wish I could really do well is ...

Play the guitar! I recently signed up for lessons. Find me in a year and we'll see how it's going.

The one thing I really wish I had is ...

A new telescope! Santa didn't bring me one! but in all seriousness, I study astrology and would love to see space from my backyard. It's a recent desire to get one.

My life…

An adventure at Earth School.

I’m currently working on…

I just started in the industry, so my current obsession is all things real estate. I can't wait to grow with the team!


Aways remember who you are outside of the labels you wear. Take that magic into your life and become a walking manifestation for miracles.


Never take yourself too seriously.

Favorite Quote…

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. - Wayne Dyer

Biggest Dream ...

Inspire millions of people to believe in themselves!

My Pet Peeve(s) ...

Negative mindset. Ugh

Most people don't know this about me ...

I love to make people laugh. A good joke at a well placed time can completely change the room.

More About Me ...

I'm a twin mom, boy mom to three dudes, karaoke lover, spiritual seeker, Pomeranian-obsessed woman. You can find me star-gazing in my backyard, drinking hot tea, discussing the ever-shifting astrology, and posting reels on Instagram. I love to talk to people, I am a natural communicator. I would love to travel the world and visit historical monuments, meditate and pray in every temple. Show my children culture and teach them about new ideas in being.


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