Sean and Heather Sell Another Awesome Home in Parker

I’ve worked in Fairview, Lucas, and Parker for a long time and am not surprised very often.  But I sure was on this home.  

Sean Elliott was in discussions with the seller about listing the home and asked if I’d like to see it.  Of course, I said “absolutely”.

Normally, before I go on a listing appointment I look up the home on Google maps to see see it from the air.  

But for some reason, this time I didn’t.  My jaw dropped when I walked through the front door and saw all the way through to the rear acreage.  It’s just a stunning property. 

By the way, properties like these are very difficult to price.  I like to say pricing is an art rather than a science because no two homes or lots are alike.  Finding sale comparables is always challenging an how do you place a value on a fabulous 3.5 acre lot with a huge, private lake like this?  It’s virtually irreplaceable. 

The sellers have done an excellent job of keeping the 28 year old home in great shape but it will now require quite a bit of updating.  The 5,120 SF home was listed at $2.275 million and went under contract in 11 days.  As always, we sincerely appreciate our sellers for trusting us to sell their home and we hope the next family will also have wonderful memories living here.

Heather Poehler also represented the out of state purchaser and did a her usual great job too.  What a team!

You’ll find a few more pictures below, but none really capture the feeling of being on this private estate feeling completely alone.