We FINALLY Close Barratt Lake Estates Development Out

We’ve finally closed out Barratt Lake Estates, a 12 lot, high end development in Lucas.  The last sale, lot 6, closed today.  Ron McHam, one of the premier builders in Fairview and Lucas purchased the lot.

We started working on this development when the raw land was first purchased 2.5 years ago.  If you’re curious, that’s an extraordinary amount of time to complete a development of only 12 lots but we ran into countless issues.  But the bottom line is we got it done, the buyers are happy, homes are already starting to go up, and now the developer will finish the beautiful front entry with horse statue and controlled access gate.

Sean Elliott, Realtor, was the point man on the project and did a masterful job of selling the lots.  A lot of that was keeping the lot buyers calm with all the delays.  Some just couldn’t wait and understandably had to move on but we  always had a buyer ready to step in and take those lots when they came available.  And in most cases the lots sold for more the second time around.   We had to resell five of the lots.  

This was a Steve Dinapoli of Dinapoli Development, LLC’s 4th development in Fairview and Lucas.  There’s no doubt with the topography, big lot sizes (2-6 acres), trees, views and lake, Barratt Lakes will be the premium development in the entire area when it’s completed.  Below are several artist renderings of the project.