You Could Be Building Your Home Right Now on Fairview's Very Last undeveloped heavily wooded lot for about $674,900!

Excavation                          $35,000

Basement Walls                $30,000

Construction Road           $10,000

Retaining Walls                 $25,000

Concrete Drive                  $45,000 (could reduce, If Fairview will allow alternate paving)

Elevator                               $30,000 (maybe not a requirement)


Total                                   $175,000

With this one exception all of Fairview's developable wooded lots were gone long ago.  People LOVE trees in this part of north Texas and they can be a rare commodity, but this lot is now available and you can build your own dream home on it.  The lot has just come available and is being split off from Fairview's famous Castle Home right next door.  Click Here to learn more about that home.

The Grisak Group has the lot listed however Shannon Cain, a highly respected custom home builder, had a client who was previously interested in purchasing it.  He completed a rough sketch on a new home but they went in a different direction and bought an existing home.  

During the process, Shannon ran some costs on developing the lot and those numbers are shown below.  You are welcome to contact Shannon directly for more information about building on this lot.

The lot is located in Lovejoy ISD, one of the top three public school districts in the entire state of Texas per the Texas Education Agency.  It's always right there with Highland Park ISD and Southlake ISD.  Here's a link to our Lovejoy page.

Fairview is a small town of around 8,000 residents but it has a big presence.  You can find out more about the town right here.

Excavation                               $35,000

Basement Walls                      $30,000

Construction Road                 $10,000

Retaining Walls                       $25,000

Concrete Drive                        $45,000 (could reduce, If Fairview will allow alternate paving)

Elevator                                    $30,000 (may not be a requirement)


Lot Prep Costs                        $175,000

Plus Lot Price                          $499,900

Total Price Ready to build     $674,900


The Concept is fairly modern… that would not have to be the case.  It would require a split level home, and probably works best configured similar to what is drawn… It could be built in an arc into the side of the hill and look more traditional from the front. 


Shannon Cain

Mobile: 972-345-2939