Erin, Wendi, and Alice Close on a Beautiful Fairview Home

707 Elmbrook, Tranquility Farms, Fairview, Texas

We typically sell several “pocket listings” every year.   A pocket listing never appears on the MLS nor any other syndicated sites like, Zillow, or Redfin, etc.  In fact, the listing agents themselves aren’t allowed to post pictures or information about the home on their own website.  The seller is basically relying on the listing agent’s expertise, area knowledge and contacts to find the buyer.   

Alice Robison, Erin Clifford, and Wendi Splawn shown to the right, top to bottom, collaborated to sell 707 Elmbrook in Tranquility Farms of Fairview.  Alice represented the seller and the first agents she discussed the home with were our own team members.  As it turns out, Erin and Wendi had been working with a buyer looking for a very special home and this one checked all the boxes.  Although I cannot disclose the sale price, it was approaching $3 million. 

This was a fairly complex transaction because several other homes had to close and fund on the same day.  Sales like this  can really become “nail biters” due to the domino effect.  If one home sale falls apart, they all can fall apart.  Getting them all closed and funded on the same day takes special skills and usually requires a great deal of problem solving, creativity, and communication between the listing agents, buyer agents, buyers, sellers, title companies, and lenders.  Alice, Erin, and Wendi did their usual fantastic job for their clients.   

As always, none of these sales would have occurred if the buyers and sellers hadn’t trusted us with their business.  We always greatly appreciate their trust in us and always do our best for them.

On our next weekly marketing update, I’ll share the other sales on this multiple sale transaction.  Because this was a pocket listing and only a limited number of people have seen these pictures, we can finally share them.  I think you’ll agree this is an absolutely stunning and very special home.