Fairview/Lucas 2023 Mid-year Agent Sales Report

Fairview/Lucas Mid-year Agent Production Report

Here are the top 25 agents with sales so far this year in Fairview or Lucas. As a point of reference, #2 on the list is the accumulation of all agents with sales who don’t belong to the MLS, #3 is a builder, and #4 is an agent who specializes in Heritage Ranch, an active living senior facility. He’s done the same thing I’ve done on an even more hyper focused scale.  He just works that development and has done well.  You’d expect prices to be quite a bit lower there and they are.  

YTD, my 2023 sales represent 7.37% of the entire Fairview/Lucas market. It does not include the off-market sales we’ve already had nor our properties under contract and in title. That’s another $20 million.

This may not be a large area by number of residents, but it’s comprised of true custom homes and features, “semi-custom” homes, production homes, six school districts, new construction homes, tear downs, remodels, acreage homes, homes on city sized lots, etc. It goes on and on and takes a real expert to help you make smart decisions whether you’re buyer or selling.

I’ve always considered Fairview and Lucas to be tricky when it comes to arriving at a fair market value for homes, land and lots.  It’s taken me over two decades to really understand this area and how all the different parameters come together to affect pricing.  If your agent doesn’t understand this niche market and stay on top of it as we do, it could very well cost you money. Please call us if we can help.