This year's GrisHack Golf Tournament will be held on October 31st, Halloween.  All benefits will go to a wonderful organization in Rockwall called Patriot Paws.  They provide service animals to disabled veterans and are doing an incredible job.

We visited Patriot Paws on June 28th and were so impressed with the cleanliness of their facilities and their total committment of the staff to both the veterans and these smart, well trained dogs.  We encourage you to watch the video.

It costs about $35,000 to raise, train, and place a single dog so our goal is to raise at least that much for them.  We hope you'll join us on Halloween day either as a player, sponsor, or both.  We'll have you home in plenty of time for trick or treating, promise!

Tournament Summary

  • Breakfast Tacos before play begins

  • Barbecue lunch afterwards

  • Hole in One Prizes on every par 3

  • Grab bag stuffed with goodies

  • Two drink tickets (beer or soft drinks)

  • Tournament sponsors T-shirt

  • Neat surprises for winners

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