Holy Tax Appraisal Batman!

You’ve probably received your Collin County 2022 Notice of Appraised Value by now. We know because our phones and emails are already blowing up with homeowners in shock trying to find out what they can do. This year, probably more than any in history, homeowners are getting hammered with massive property valuation increases.

For years, we’ve been offering a complimentary session with any homeowner who is interested in contesting their valuation and will be doing the same this year. Due to the panice these notices are causing, we’re also going to be holding a special Zoom Meeting where we’ll be discussing the entire process and what options you might have.

If you decide you’d like to proceed with contesting your appraised value, we’ll start setting up those individual appointments on Friday.

The Zoom meeting will be this Thursday, April 21, 2022 at 1PM. We’ll also record and post it later if you can’t make it. Here’s the LINK