How We Market Our Listings

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Our Website - The vast majority of agents rely on a generic, stamped out website provided to them by their company.  Many are never touched by the agents and they're full of "fluff".  Our site is fresh, well maintained, and full of helpful information especially if someone is trying to learn about this area.  Of all the things we do, our website is our most important tool.  We can not only sell our listings, we also sell the area.  Not a day goes by we're not making 5-10 changes on our site.  New listings, sales, coming soon listings, price reductions, pertinent articles on the area, etc.  We have visitors checking our "Coming Soon" section daily knowing they'll see our listings even before they hit the MLS.  In fact, in 2019 we sold three $2 Million plus homes directly from our site before they hit the MLS.  


Our Social Media Campaign - The logos you see at the top of the page all lead to our site on those platforms.  Again, not a day goes by we're not posting to those sites our new listings, sales, price drops, etc.  Once those visitors follow them back to our site, we want to keep them coming back.  As long as we provide valuable and current content in the way of quality listings and pertinent updates, they will.

Our Domain Names - We own all but one dotcom city name running along the east side of Hwy 75 from Murphy to Melissa, Texas.  That includes,,, etc.  All of those domain names redirect visitors right to our website and is how we actually got started.  You could have the best website in the world, but if no-one knows it's there, what good does it do.  Our Fairview listings are branded with, Allen listings with, etc. 


Our Signs - At any one time, we'll have no less than 25 to 30 for sale signs on our listings.  During the peak summer months we might have as many as 50 signs or more out on the street.  Eventually, anyone looking in this area is going to start stumbling onto our signs and follow the name to our website.

Our Marketing Program Starts With Staging - We provide complimentary staging on every one of our listings because we believe so strongly in it. 


Professional Photography - Everything starts with photography and we believe we have one of the best professional photographers in the business.  We re-photograph the exteriors of all the homes we list during the winter months in mid-May if they haven't sold.  That's about the time everything really greens up.


Copywriting -  Our copywriters describe the home.  They do a wonderful job of creating excitement about the home and addressing the ambiance.  Every home has something special about it and extraordinary homes have many things which stand out.  Their mission to commit that to writing so buyers and buyer agents have that to review while looking at the home and then afterwards on our site.

Aerials - We fly every home on acreage with our company drone.  Then, we blend the interior and exterior pictures in with the video.

Brochures - All of our printed material is first class including the color brochures we leave inside the homes for buyer agents and their clients to pick up.  We're a luxury team and everything that leaves our office is shouts luxury.

Marketing Department - Once we take a listing, our marketing department starts to work on creating the video, social media, and printed material.  They create the videos for our weekly open houses which are posted on our social media sites.