Lucas, Texas

Close-in Country Living

7.7 Square Miles
8,000 Residents (Approximate)
6 School Districts


The April 2021 Lucas Farmers Market.  I also get to ask some some Lucas residents why they love living here.

Lucas City and School Taxes - Click Here 

What's So Special About This Small North Texas Town?

I'll admit I'm a Lucas "homer".  We've lived here since 1998 and love everything about it.  We grew tired of the rat race in Dallas and wanted to move out a little, but not too far.  We wanted space around us, but had no desire to make 30 minute drives to the nearest conveniences or work.
We spent about a year driving all over Collin County (north of Dallas), searching for just the right town.  We kept coming back to Lucas for a variety of reasons, and now, all these years later, we've never regretted it.  

The Natural Beauty

Some people might drive through west Lucas from Allen and just assume the entire town is flat and treeless because that's all they see.  Those new subdivisions will mature, but there's already an area of Lucas with heavily wooded land around Lake Lavon.   


With the lake bordering Lucas to the east, nights are dark and quiet.  You can actually look up and still see a blanket of stars.  If you enjoy wildlife, you'll find a plethora of road runners, herons, rabbits, wild ducks, turtles, coyotes, bobcats, and believe it or not, even deer.   You'll often see a big red tailed hawk sitting on a telephone line.  


This will never change because all of the land around Lake Lavon is owned by Army Corps of Engineers for lake control.  It will be protected forever.

Lake and Equestrian Activities

Lucas winds around the west side of Lake Lavon, so if you enjoy fishing or water skiing, you can have your boat launched onto the lake within minutes.  If horses are your passion, there is an 18 mile equestrian and walking trail lovingly maintained by the Trinity Trail Association in Lucas.

Great Location

Although you really feel like you're living in the country, Lucas is only about 15 minutes from Central Expressway (State Hwy 75) which is one of the main arteries into downtown Dallas. However, Dallas has grown north and major corporations have been moving out to the northern suburbs like Richardson and Plano. They include State Farm, Toyota, and Liberty Mutual, three monster moves into the area and all are within an easy drive from Lucas.

If you fly out of DFW Airport, the route is rarely congested with SH 121, a tollway, most of the way. Lucas is also a short distance by back roads to SH 190, George Bush Tollway, one of the major east west arteries north of Dallas. The locals know all the back roads and quickest routes to these thoroughfares.

Close Proximity to Great Shopping, Entertainment, and Dining

Lucas has nothing in the way of shopping other than a Walmart (and of course the famous Lucas Food Store, but don’t be concerned.  At its closest point it's only 2.1 miles as the crow flies from 3 million SF of new retail, commercial, entertainment, and restaurants at Stacy Rd and Central Expressway at its closest point.  


There you’ll find well known restaurants like Uncle Julios, BJ’s, Olive Garden, and Rudy’s BBQ. You can also shop at a Macy or JC Penney, take in a movie at the luxury iPic Theatre, or work on your golf game at the all weather Top Golf. The Allen Event Center features concerts and the Allen Americans Professional Hockey team.

Even at its very furthest point near Lake Lavon, it's only 6.6 miles as the crow flies from shopping at Watters Creek in Allen.

Excellent Schools

Believe it or not, the small town of Lucas has six different school districts, Plano, Lovejoy, Princeton, Allen, Wylie, and McKinney. That in itself is very unusual and can lead to confusion if someone doesn’t know the area. It’s also why if you’re looking to buy a home in Lucas, you should be working with a Realtor who knows the boundaries and subtleties of the area.

There are six different school districts serving this small town so it can get pretty confusing.  By far, the most sought after school district is Lovejoy ISD, one of the finest in the entire state. Every year, families are taking their kids out of private schools to attend Lovejoy ISD. Even more surprising, many families outside of the Lovejoy ISD boundaries will buy in to attend at a cost of $8K to $10K per year. That means they are paying school taxes to the school district in which they reside plus a fee to attend another Lovejoy. That speaks volumes for Lovejoy ISD.


Why Almost All Of The Lucas Homes Are on At Least One Acre​


There are two reasons ... First and foremost, long ago the townspeople decided they didn’t want neighbors living right on top of them. The city planners wisely zoned almost all of the residential land into a density of no more than one home per acre. In fact, most of Lucas is actually zoned for two acre lots.

The second reason the lots are larger is without public sewer, one cannot build a home on a lot of less than one acre. That’s what’s required by county and state guidelines for homes with septic systems to work properly.

State of the art septic systems installed on new homes are actually high tech mini-wastewater treatment plants. If they are maintained properly, they are as clean and efficient. When people complain there is no public sewer in Lucas, I gently remind them Lucas citizens don’t want sewer and have fought to keep it out.
Lucas is very special small town and I’m proud to call it my home!

Why Are Lucas Homes So Expensive?

It's simple.  Almost all of the homes are on at least one acre and the land has become so expensive.  It's getting very difficult to find an acreage home in Lucas for under about $400K.  If you can find one, it's almost always an older home in need of renovation or it might even be a tear down.

Buyers moving to Lucas can either

  1. pay retail for a lot in a new development

  2. buy raw land, which is less per acre than in a development but small lots are hard to find

  3. or they can create value by purchasing an older home and renovating, but the land beneath these older homes is starting to exceed the value of the structure itself.  

By the way, Lucas's sister city of Fairview has also been very picked over by buyers and developers and land homes and costs are even greater there.  Generally speaking one can get more for the money in Lucas than Fairview.  For these reasons, Lucas has become the next play.

Our current Lucas listings, and  if you you don't see any here, it means we're all sold out!  That never used to happen but when we're selling homes this quickly, every once in a while our inventory runs out.

4 Beds/3.1 Baths/2 Living Areas/2 Dining Areas/4 Car Garage

Lovejoy ISD

Approx. 1.783 Acres


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