Our Inherent Philosophies

Our Agents Never Represent a Buyer and Seller on the Same Property

When agents "double up", that is, represent both the buyer and seller on the same transaction, it's great for them.  They can make a lot more money, but we will never do it.  It's against our team policies.

The bottom line is it's impossible for an agent to be completely fair and impartial when both the buyer and seller are asking them for their advice and opinions.  One of the two sides will always benefit depending on how the agent answers the questions.

When one of our agents represents a buyer, they only represent that buyer.  Our fiduciary responsibility and allegiance is solely to them and we're going to do everything we can to protect their interests.


The same thing goes for our seller clients.  When we sign a listing agreement, we owe our fiduciary obligation solely to them.  It's our job to get the best possible price with the best terms for them.

If we have a property listed and a buyer comes to us on one of our listings without representation we'll do one of two things.  At their option, will either appoint another agent to represent them and we'll gladly pay them a fee OR if the buyer signs a document acknowledging we work exclusively for the seller, they can represent themselves.

Why You See Two Agents on All of Tom's Listings

This is for the benefit of my clients.  I can easily have 20 to 30 listings at one time, and as much as I'd like to believe I can maintain all of those listings with the extensive services we provide, it's just impossible.  I made the decision in 2017 to bring in a co-listing agent on all of my listings and it was the best thing I've ever done.

It's the responsibility of my co-listing agents to call each of my clients once a week whether there is anything to report or not.  Nothing is more frustrating for a seller than no showings, no offers, no feedback, and no agent to talk to.

I see all the feedback that comes in on all of my listings.  If there's something of concern, my co-listing agent and I will talk immediately.  In addition, if I'm needed when there's a sticking point during the negotiations, I'm always there.  It's rare something comes up our highly experienced agents can't handle but they know when we put our heads together we can usually get it resolved.  

What Properties Does Tom Personally List?

I actually have a very defined role within our group when it comes to listing properties. I only list in Fairview, Lucas, or Allen if it's within Lovejoy ISD.  If the listing is not within the area described above, one of our other agents will take the listing.