1505 Winningkoff, Lucas Priced at $1.299 MM Closes

I just posted an article about Americans wanting larger homes on acreage. 1505 E Winningkoff is a great example. The home is on 7 acres and sold today. It was listed at $1.299 million and not surprisingly, with multiple offers it sold for quite a bit more than that.

FYI we always price our listings reasonably rather than “shooting for the moon”. The risk of overpricing right out of the box is that’s the first impression of the home buyers see. If they think it’s severely overpriced, there’s a good chance they won’t pay attention to it again.

Christy Zemeier, shown here, is one of our great Lovejoy specialists and did a fantastic job of negotiating and bringing the transaction to a successful close.

As always, we appreciate the sellers choosing us to represent them on the sale of the home and we’re so happy they can get on to their next venture. Here are some pictures of this really very special home. You’ll love it!