490 Michelle in Fairview, Listed at $3.2 Million has Finally Closed!

The reason I said “Finally” is there’s a story here which provides a good lesson for home buyers and sellers alike.

490 Michelle Way went under contract early in the construction process on April 21st, 2021. Everything was proceeding smoothly until the day before closing. The buyer called the builder, Ron McHam, and said they couldn’t close due to a family emergency.

Obviously, this took everyone by surprise. We immediately got the home back onto the market and quickly found another buyer. That’s a testament to both the builder, Ron McHam and his reputation, and also the state of the market. The home closed today with the new buyer without any problems.

Luckily, this home was unoccupied, but it illustrates anything can happen when selling a home. The contract can fall apart for any number of reasons at any time. If you’re the seller, never move out before your home has officially closed, funded, and you have the money in your account. That way you’ll always be safe.

One last thing. This is the tightest Fairview market for homes for sale I have ever seen. There are four for sale total, two are on city lots and two on acreage. The acreage homes are well over $2 million.

But we have some good news too! We’ve already signed listings on several very nice Fairview homes located in great subdivisions. We can’t announce them yet per the MLS regulations, but you can find out about them in several ways.

The first is by checking the Coming Soon Page on our website. You can also visit my blog and subscribe there. The third way is to subscribe to my weekly activity report.

Below are selected pictures of 490 Michelle and if you’d like to see the video with an aerial, here’s that Link.