691 Maple Creek in Fairview Just Closed

This beautiful home is located in Stone Creek Estates of Fairview. It has so much going for it, we felt confident listing it at $2.575 Million. We got an excellent price for the home and it set the bar for the neighborhood so we're happy for the sellers. We originally sold the home to them and we're always honored when those homeowners come back to us when they're ready to sell again.

Last week we had four homes in title listed at over $2.5 million which was something we'd never seen and now those homes are beginning to close. Our portfolio of available homes is diminishing quickly and we're scrambling to replenish it.

If you are considering selling your home, this is a historic selling market. I've been through countless cycles over the past 35 years, but I've never seen anything close to this. I have so many stories of homes we've put out there at what we considered "fair market value" and the eventual sale prices just dwarfed the listing prices after multiple offer situations.

Please let me know if you're considering selling your home. And if you're planning to sell next year instead of this year, you might want to consider moving it up. It's very possible this incredible market will be just a memory by next year.

Here are some pictures of 691 Maple Creek ...