810 Stratton Mill in Lucas Sells

Now this is a new one for us. We recently listed two beautiful homes right next to each other in Lucas. Both are priced at $874,900, and no, they aren’t identical homes. In fact, they’re quite different in several ways. That’s just the way our comparable marketing analysis on each home turned out.

The home shown just below, 810 Stratton Mill, closed today and the home beneath it, 816 Stratton Mill closes within the next couple of weeks. Heather Poehler did a fantastic job on both of these beautiful homes. Here’s the link to 810 Stratton Mill and this is the link to 816 Stratton Mill.

810 Stratton Mill, Lucas, just closed. Listed price was $874,900

816 Stratton Mill, also listed at $874900 is currently in title and due to close in the near future.