895 Foxglove in Fairview Closes

Well, this one was a battle to close and pretty typical of the year for us. We had a great year but it didn’t come easy. We had to fight through one obstacle after another in closing these. In fact, next week I’ll be sharing our all time toughest transaction ever.
Hopefully it will close.

We started on this listing in March of 2020 so it took quite a long time to sell. Various things happened that caused the delay but we finally got it done and we’re thrilled the sellers are now able to move forward with their plans. The home was listed at $1.775 Million and is located in Tranquility Farms of Fairview.

Below is a video we put together on the home but if you’d like to see more of the details, here’s the LINK to it on our site. This home had one of the most impressive outdoor living areas you’ll see.