910 Foxglove in Fairview Closes

This is a just completed Ron McHam Custom home priced at $2.177 million. I'll bet we've sold at least 15 of Ron McHam's spec homes over the past twenty years and amazingly, every one of them went under contract before it was completed and they all closed.

Any custom home builder will tell you that's pretty unusual, especially in these high price points. It buyer pool isn't large to begin with, and it usually just takes time to find the right buyer. Home builder's almost expect "spec homes" to take awhile to sell after they're completed.

Oddly enough, I was talking to Ron about a month ago and mentioned our streak might be coming to an end. 910 Foxglove was only about a month away from completion and we didn't have any serious buyers. Sure enough, this buyer appeared, Ron fast tracked the completion, and we just closed on it.

It speaks volumes about Ron as a custom builder that his homes sell while still in the construction phase. I believe one of the reasons is people can see the quality he puts into the home as it's going up. What's going in "behind the walls". Another reason is his great knack for giving today's buyers what they want in a high quality custom home. And finally, he has established a rock solid reputation for building a quality home and then standing behind it after the sale.

The lighter floor treatments are an example of how today's buyers are starting to move away from the dark hand scraped floors but buyers still are going for the light, bright, open and airy feeling Ron's homes are known for. By the way, Ron has just completed and sold a $3 million dollar home in Fairview for a customer. We weren't involved in that transaction, but I'm going to twist his arm and see if he'll let me show you those pictures too.

And finally, since June 1st, so many of our listings have sold, our inventory is becoming depleted. We're knocking on doors and asking homeowners if they might be interested in selling.

This run is NOT going to last. If you're thinking about selling your home later this year or especially next year, no-one knows what the market will be like then. But right now we're in a run with historical low interest rates superseding the negative impact of job layoffs.

Please give me a call if you'd like to talk about selling your home, and price point, any location. 214.850.1519