910 Foxglove in Tranquility Farms of Fairview is Now Under Contract

I'd bet we've sold at least 15 of Ron McHam's spec homes over the past twenty years and amazingly, every one went under contract before it was completed. Any builder will tell you that's pretty unusual, especially in these high price points. It usually just takes time to find the right buyer.

I was talking to Ron last week and mentioned our streak might come to an end since we didn't have any serious buyers for 910 Foxglove and the home was only about a month away from scheduled completion. Oddly enough, it's now under contract so it looks like the streak will stand.

The home is situated in Lovejoy school district, one of the top three public school districts in all of Texas. Yep, right there with Highland Park and Carroll year after year.

It speaks volumes about Ron as a custom builder that his homes sell while still in the construction phase. One of the reasons is people can see the quality he puts into the home as it's going up. Another reason is his great knack for giving today's buyers what they want in a high quality custom home. And finally, he has established a rock solid reputation for building a quality home and then standing behind it after the sale.

We'll have the home professionally photographed right before it's completed, but you can see what it looks like right now. The home is priced at $2.177 Million.

And PS, don't believe what you read in the papers about homes moving slowly due to the Covid scare. We couldn't be busier with 28 properties in title right now with a value of around $20.8 million. And we could have another million dollar plus home in title by the end of the weekend too.