910 Quail Rise in Fairview is Now Under Contract

This is a followup to the original article which I posted several days ago and you can see below. We weren’t surprised the home went under contract so quickly.

We had at least 11 offers on paper and a couple of verbal offers, although we don’t respond to those.

We also had 40 groups through the open house on Saturday.

I had a chance to talk to quite a few of the people there and they expressed how much they loved the home and hoped their offer would be accepted. I never know who’s going to have their offer accepted until they’re all out on the table so I just have to tell them I wish them the best of luck.

Multiple offer situations have to be handled the right way by the listing agents or they’ll make enemies with other agents and their clients who didn’t get the deal. We treat all offering parties fairly and with complete honesty. Of course, I can’t disclose the accepted price, but it was well in excess of the listed price of $1.325 Million.

By the way, this is another example of the best way to sell a home in a market like this. You don’t have to guess what the market will bear and price your listings there. You can be off and end up having to price reductions. All you have to do is make sure the home is marketed professionally then price it where you can support it if challenged by an appraiser, buyers, or their agents. The multiple offers will do the rest.

Anyway, it’s never a deal until the home has closed and the money is in the pockets of the seller. Anything can happen on a transaction and if it falls out, we will get it out there again right away.

The good news for those who didn’t win the bid is we have another very nice home coming onto the market with a couple of weeks and it’s also in beautiful Oakwood Estates of Fairview. So stay tuned or subscribe to my blogs and you’ll find out about it first. Here’s the original article from several days ago if you’re interested.

These are historic times for Lovejoy school district homes. I’ve never seen anything close to what’s happening right now.

Here we are, almost into March when new listings usually start flooding the market, yet there are only two Lovejoy homes available at any price point. We have them both listed (633 Maggie Trail and 910 Quail Rise highlighted in the table below) and are going to sell them, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t concerned. We need more homes to sell and buyers need homes to buy.

The good news is 910 Quail Rise, a Fairview/Lovejoy home, has just come onto the market and as you can see in the video below, it’s a gorgeous home and lot. The interior pictures of the home are also on now.

Although I’m always cautious using the phrase “it won’t last long” in this case I’m pretty confident that’s going to be the case. Not only is this a beautiful home, it’s in Oakwood Estates, one of Fairview’s most sought after developments. Winding streets, hills, and heavily wooded lots here have always been what people love about this neighborhoood.

We will have an open house this Saturday from 2-4 and I’ll be there with Alice Robison, one of excellent Lovejoy specialists, to answer any questions you have about the home, Oakwood Estates, Fairview or the Lovejoy schools. I feel pretty sure we’ll have more offers on the home by Saturday, but the seller is not going to respond to any until at least Sunday. Please come on out if you’d like to see the home and it will give us the opportunity to meet you too.

PS, we have another Oakwood Estates listing signed but we cannot announce it quite yet, so stay tuned for that too. If you have a home in Lovejoy, there will never be a better time to sell than right now. It’s not hype, it’s a fact.