A Really Impressive Home is Going Up in Lucas

Last week Tony Prutch with J Anthony Custom Homes showed 1680 Jan Marie in Lucas to Erin Hickman and me. The home is going up in Barry Farms in Lucas. Even at this early stage of finishout, we were impressed with what he’s doing, so I asked if he would do a short video walkthrough with me.

The home will be used as their sales office and the current trailer moved off site. Although it isn’t for sale at this time, Tony said it could be reproduced for $2.4 million on a similarly priced lot. He has quite a few to choose from and more coming in the near future.

I’m looking forward to watching it all come together and will reshoot when it’s completed. If you want to see what $2.4 Million gets you in Lucas today, this will give you a good idea.

Please note, this is not our listing. You can contact Tony Prutch directly at 972.400.1291 if you have questions.

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