A Really Neat Back Yard Setting in Lucas

You might have some extra time on your hands right now, so I thought I’d go back through the listings we’ve had the privilege of selling and share some of my favorite pictures, both inside and outside. This back yard setting is a good home to start with.

We sold this Lucas home about 8 years ago and believe it or not, the sellers did most of this work themselves. The first time I met Mrs Seller she was hauling some rocks in a heavily loaded wheelbarrow across the yard. I don’t know if she lifted that huge stone lying across the pool, but I wouldn’t put it past her.

The only problem I had with this home was deciding which pictures to use on the MLS. Agents are limited to 24 pictures and every time I thought I had the best 12 (remember, I had to save some space for the home itself) I thought “how can I leave this one off”? Fortunately, we have no limitations on our website so I just used them all there.

This back yard was the complete package with pool, sheer decents, spa, cabana, outdoor kitchen, garden, walking trails, grassed areas for pets, etc. The most mind boggling thing to me is it started out as a flat, featureless lot without a tree or bush on it. What those sellers did is pretty amazing.