After A 20 Year Wait, I Finally Have Reasonable High Speed Internet

First off, 50 MBPS down might sound like child’s play if you live in the high density areas of Dallas or even Allen and Plano. You might be getting 300 MBPS down, but out here in Lucas, 50 down is huge.

I’ve tried every high speed wireless company out here, including ATT Uverse which was the latest entry, and left them all. I won’t name names, but if you’ve lived out here for awhile, you know them all too. It was continual lost connections and crawling speed to the point I really couldn’t work out of my home study. I had to go to my Allen office to upload anything of any size and two users downloading or streaming caused continual buffering issues. I felt like I was still living in the 20th century

I’ve been testing Big Wave Wireless for a month now making sure it was stable and the speeds were acceptable. And they are. Hopefully you’ll learn a little about the company and they will be able to solve your problem too.