An Amazing Outdoor Living Area in Fairview

There are outdoor living areas and then there are outdoor living areas. This one is so special I asked the homeowners if I could share it with you. I'm going to reshoot it this Spring when everything greens up and take some pictures in the evening to highlight the lighted quartzite table and torches.

Those are water misters in the ceiling along with high output heaters and and gas fireplace. I was standing 20' away and could feel the heat when the seller cranked it up. They've got it designed so you can sit out there in perfect comfort when it's blazing hot and freezing cold. The torches are automatically controlled ("Alexa, turn on torches").

Everything was first class, including all of the appliances. Such a fun home! By the way, "This ain't the seller's first rodeo either". Here's the fabulous back yard they built in their Lucas home.