Blondy Jhune Road Improvement in Lucas is About Half Completed

Blondy Jhune Rd in Lucas, Tx has been my favorite street since we first moved to Lucas about 20 years ago. I’ve had six different sales on this little road over the years, but that’s not why I love it so much. Everything around it is slowly changing. Trees are coming down, new developments are coming in, but Blondy Jhune Rd is the one constant.

It’s a small, two lane, asphalt road (or was) winding under a shady canopy of mature trees. There are two bridges on the short road. You really feel like you’re in the country, but surprisingly, it’s only 7 minutes from 3 million SF of shopping, entertainment, and dining in both Fairview and Allen with more on the way.

What concerned a lot of Lucas residents is when the town of Lucas decided they needed to upgrade Blondy Jhune to concrete and slightly widen it. We Lucas residents didn’t want them taking out the trees for the road, so we all kept a close eye on it. To my relief, they did a great job of saving almost all the trees (someone said they only had to take out 29) and as you can see, it hasn’t lost it’s appeal.

One of the little quirks of Blondy Jhune Rd is it’s all located within the town of Lucas, but each end of the street is located n a different school district. The west end and most of the middle of Blondy Jhune is within Lovejoy ISD, considered by the Texas Education Agency to be one of the top three public school districts in the state of Texas (along with Highland Park and Carroll). However there are several parcels of land at the east end near the intersection with Winningkoff Rd that are in McKinney ISD. By the way, there are SIX different school districts serving Lucas, a town of only about 8,000 people.

Anyway, the Blondy Jhune road improvement project cost about $3.2 million. It was started in April of this year and is scheduled for completion in April of next year. That means we’re about half way through. I’m guessing most Lucas residents haven’t braved the one way, single lane that’s open to check on it, so I shot it from my windshield camera.