COVID and Lovejoy ISD

An increase of 1% in our yearly ADA can fund the salaries of 3 teachers. Although it may seem insignificant that the district loses $50 a day when a student is absent, consider the impact when 250 students are absent across the district and the district loses $12,500. Multiply that by 15 days and it is a loss of $187,500. The impact is significant.

What is our average daily attendance so far this school year?

  • Lovejoy High School 94.07%

  • Willow Springs Middle School 95.30%

  • Sloan Creek Intermediate School 94.01%

  • Hart Elementary School 94.39%

  • Puster Elementary School 94.54%

  • Lovejoy ISD 94.4%

What does our year to date average daily attendance look like if we take out absences related to COVID?

  • Lovejoy High School 95.65%

  • Willow Springs Middle School 97.09%

  • Sloan Creek Intermediate School 97.12%

  • Hart Elementary School 96.11%

  • Puster Elementary School 96.48%

  • Lovejoy ISD 96.32%