Do You Want a Nasty, Dusty, Polluting Cement Batch Plant in Your Back Yard?

If you live in Fairview and the answer is “no” you’d better take action now before it’s too late. I’d heard rumors about a concrete batch plant but had no idea it was this far along.

Batch plants are terrible polluters but don’t take it from me. Midlothian, Texas is in the news every year about their cement batch plants and the harm they do to the residents, especially the young and elderly. Here’s just one of many articles.

What about the kids playing soccer at the Fairview’s soccer complex? Do you want them breathing those fumes? If you don’t take a stand to protect your wonderful way of life, you have no right to complain about the consequences.

I just received the following article from the Heard Museum. I will be emailing everyone on the list below and will also be attending the city council meeting. I hope you’ll do the same.


Concrete Plant News Developments

New Heavy Industrial Plans

As you may have read in our last newsletter, it recently came to the attention of Heard representatives that an approval for a concrete recycling plant (planned for a property 1 mile from the Heard), had very quietly made its way through McKinney’s Planning & Zoning Committee. At the time, it faced little to no opposition (quite likely because very few were aware it was on the table—20th century communication for 21st century plans). It was approved by McKinney P & Z in August.

This Monday, October 4 (NOT Tuesday–mark your calendars), it goes to City Council for final approval, including an annexation ordinance (that is already written up and ready to sign—posted on City of McKinney’s page). Now that the City Council Agenda has been posted (as is required within 72 hours before the meeting), we now have access to a DIFFERENT version of the LOI that completely differs in the indicated intentions with regards to Heavy Industrial (HI).

Version 1: Listed HI Intentions per first-known “Letter of Intent” listing on P&Z (marked July 23, 2021):

“The Property is currently under contract to an entity whose primary business is concrete and construction materials recycling, as well as concrete batch plant and associated activities. The addition of the above additional permitted uses will accommodate the anticipated activities of the purchaser, while restricting many of the more intense uses permitted under the HI-Heavy Industrial zone.” See full document here.

Version 2: Listed HI Intentions per now-published (via City Council Agenda) version of “Letter of Intent” (also marked July 23, 2021:

“As referenced above, a separate application requesting Heavy Industrial (HI) zoning of the Property is also being submitted for review and approval.” See full document here.

Our Position on this Matter

Whatever the cause of this information only now being released, the Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary is wholly opposed to new Heavy Industrial (HI) facilities being built so close to this nature preserve. Moreover, we are concerned about ecological ramifications to other neighboring properties and natural resources.

We are concerned about the following:

  • Health issues from the pollutants generated will be applicable to our staff, volunteers, visitors, all neighbors and wildlife due to dust/silica that will make its way into the air.

  • The City Council has a duty to protect the health and welfare of the citizens of McKinney.

  • These duties to health and welfare are being sacrificed in the name of supposed “Protecting Future Development” and “Fiscal Responsibility,” which we maintain cannot be achieved without the health and welfare of the citizens.

  • This action is also in opposition to the City’s self-proclaimed “Unique by Nature” motto, which, in of itself, functions as an over-arching promise to the citizens, whether intentional or not.

  • There have been recent, as yet unfulfilled, resolutions to close existing cement plants (which happen to be in relative regional proximity to the new location. These existing locations have already been cited numerous times for inability to properly maintain EPA mandated standards with regards to health and pollution issues as well as nuisance issues.

  • City Staff has been quoted to be in opposition (within just the last two years) to any facilities of this kind. It is important to reflect on what has precipitated the changed in opinion. See original article with quote

  • We are concerned with the proximity of this proposed facility to the Lavon/Wilson Creek watershed and the many toxic chemicals that will, inevitably, run off. These chemicals will harm the environments through which they travel, their wildlife inhabitants, and, ultimately, end up in our drinking water supply. The proposed location actually even has a marked tributary of Wilson Creek located directly adjacent to the property.

  • The City attempted to push through a similar plan for a nearby location last fall; however, when given a chance to fully express their voice in the matter, the voters overwhelmingly turned it down. Have the voters have changed their mind?

There are many more reasons to be opposed to this plan, but this is a preliminary list.

How Can You Help?

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— Thank You for Your Consideration and Help —

Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary