Fairview and Lucas Agent Market Share to Date

With exactly two months remaining in 2021, the table below shows the agent market share for Fairview/Lucas and Lovejoy ISD. Through October, my production is over three times the volume of the second place agent. I have more properties in title and they do too, so anything can happen between now and January 1st, but if this holds up, it will be my 21st consecutive year as the #1 agent in this area.

I have no idea or no way of knowing if another agent has ever accomplished something like this in any other area of the MLS but there can’t be many. So today I’m going to share my “secret” on how this was all accomplished.

First and foremost, every home I’ve closed started out with a buyer or seller trusting me to help them buy or sell a home. There are lots of great agents out there and a lot of choices, so every time I’m asked to handle someone’s real estate needs, I consider it an honor. I take that very seriously, do my very best to protect their interests, and I think (at least hope) our clients all know that. Bottom line, we are nothing without our clients.

Second, I have a great team behind me. There is absolutely no way I could handle this volume of business without the assistance of my fellow team members. I might have nine or ten deals working at any one time so I always bring in a team member to assist on my transactions. I rely heavily on them to make sure our clients know they are receiving our full attention. Our administrators make sure we’re addressing all of the details on every transaction and believe me, you don’t want to be making mistakes there. They keep us all out of trouble by making sure all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted.

And finally, the way I work has been instrumental in my successes in this area. I’ve always concentrated my activities in the Fairview/Lucas/Lovejoy area. This is a very unique area and property values can differ greatly between true custom and semi-custom homes on acreage lots and production homes on city sized lots. Not only do neighborhoods vary greatly from one to another, sometimes even streets within the same neighborhoods can differ. It has taken me years to understand this area and it’s always changing. I rely on our team members to work with buyers and sellers in other areas, but I’m committed to this wonderful area of the metroplex.