Fairview Mayor Culbertson Shares His Thoughts on the Town and His Time as Mayor

Mayor Culbertson is within a couple of weeks of ending his very successful term as mayor of Fairview, Texas. If you've never had a chance to meet him, I can tell you first hand, he's an outstanding family man, businessman, and politician. It's easy to tell he's passionate about Fairview.

I asked Mayor Culbertson what he felt his biggest accomplishments were during his term and what he still considered unfinished business. He was quick to remind me that say any successes he had were the result of a team effort, not just him. That's a good example of the type of person he is.

Mayor Culbertson could write his own ticket if he decided to remain in politics and I hope he does. The town of Fairview has been fortunate to have him lead the way.

So here's the interview. I hope you find it informative.