Fairview’s Iconic Castle Home Sells

941 Circle in the Woods, the famous “Fairview Castle Home” sold today. It was listed at $2.55 million. This is easily the most recognizable estate home in Fairview and maybe even Collin County for that matter.

Talk about a commanding presence from the street! The home rests on top of a steep hill with an unobstructed view to the east however when the trees are in full bloom you can barely see it from the street below. Here’s a quick look at its gorgeous English garden.

The home is situated behind three gates, two in front serve a circular, stone, driveway and one in back. It’s not a home you just walk up and knock on the door. You have to be allowed into the property.

The home was fashioned after a castle and is beautifully appointed and very nicely updated. To reproduce the home on a lot like this would be exorbitantly expensive. I couldn’t even guess what that cost would be but with the stonework, engineering, cost of the lot, and materials in today’s market. We heard stories it cost $7 million to build, and that was in 1992.

For years, people whispered “I wonder who lives there?” and we didn’t know either. So we were honored when given the assignment to sell it. We knew it would take some time because it’s such a unique home, but none of us thought it would take a year. We came close to selling it a time or two, but something always happened.

When the buyer closed yesterday it was a relief to us because we finally got the job done for the seller. They stuck with us until we could find the right buyer. They knew we were trying.

It took three of us to sell the home, Erin Hickman, Heather Poehler, and me. They all did a great job of showing the home, open houses, special events, answering questions from potential buyers, and keeping the sellers informed and updated throughout the entire process. Erin in particular was instrumental in the sale of the home and especially working through the final negotiations.


We have some pictures of the home and the incredible grounds below. If you’d like to see the page we built for the home which explains why it’s so special, here’s the link.