Frustrated With Your New Property Value Assessment? Maybe We Can Help.

You'll be receiving a letter from the Collin County Appraisal District within the week. That statement will show you where they have valued your property. If you believe it's been overvalued (which will cost you unnecessary additional property taxes), we might be able to help.

Just reserve a 1/2 hour time slot to sit down with our highly experienced Realtors and we'll provide you with some MLS sale comparables to support your case. We'll also share some negotiating tips if you decide to contest. 

Last year I contested my valuation with the CCAD which resulted in a substantial reduction. That saved me quite a bit of money on my taxes. But you can't just walk in and say "I think you have my property valued too high". You'll never win that argument.

This is a free public service we provide every year to everyone, clients and non-clients. You only have until May 15th to contest and we only have a set number of appointment time slots, so I wouldn't procrastinate.