Great Job Heather Selling 511 Burke in Lucas!

Quite often there are back stories on our transactions. I love hearing them, but sometimes our agents are running at such a fast pace, they forget to tell me about them. However, I’m going to do a better job of sharing some of those stories so you’ll get a good idea of how we work and why our clients appreciate us as much as we appreciate them. Here’s a good one to start with.

511 Burke in Lucas was listed at $824,000 with another agent in April of last year. It

went through the entire “golden selling months” with nothing happening. The listing expired in October and we took it over on October 24th at the same previous listed price.


We had the home under contract on November 15th, about three weeks after we signed the listing. This was pretty unusual considering that November is historically one of the slowest selling months of the year. The home closed on December 20th, which usually is the slowest selling month of the year!

Was this just luck or a coincidence? Possibly, but we sell so many homes after other agents have been unsuccessful, I just don’t believe it. We do such a great job of professionally marketing our listings and have such a strong presence within the area, luck has nothing to do with it. We’re very good at take a lot of pride in what we do.

I’ve spent decades trying to come up with a simple explanation when sellers ask me why their home just won’t sell. And like every agent, I’m asked that question all the time. Of course, every home and every market is different, but this is my bulletproof answer and it holds true for all …


“When a home hasn’t sold after a reasonable amount of time, it’s either overpriced, under-marketed, or a combination of the two”.

So congratulations are in order to Heather Poehler for getting this home sold for our sellers! We’ll be removing the interior pictures from our site in the near future but you can still see them now at this LINK.