Heather Poehler Closes Another “Off Market” Home

I recently posted we sell quite a few homes “off market” homes every year. Those are homes that are not listed.

Any number of things can result in an off market sale. Sometimes sellers just want to sell their homes quietly without going through the MLS and other times we might know a homeowner who has expressed lukewarm interest in selling and we approach them with a buyer.

113 Connor in Lucas is Heather’s second “off market” sale in the past week. It’s a smaller (for Lovejoy) home of about 3,097 SF on a city sized lot, not acreage. I think some people just assume everything in Lovejoy ISD is at leas $800K and on acreage, but that’s not the case.

You can find homes in Lucas for under $500K but they won’t be on acreage and usually sell quickly when they hit the MLS. There are actually six developments with homes on small to medium size lots that feed into Lovejoy and can be purchased at a much more reasonable price. I created a video about this earlier this year so if you’re curious where to find them, here’s the LINK

Congratulations Heather!