Heather Poehler Makes a Seller Very Happy!

Look at any sale and all you’ll see is the listed price, square footage, beds, baths, acreage, garage spaces, etc. It’s just the nuts and bolts.

What the public doesn’t see is the story behind the sale and almost every sale comes with one. Here’s the story on this sale.


We closed on 403 Lakeshore Blvd in Lucas today. The seller had been in the home for less than a year when they found out they were moving back to California. They certainly didn’t want to be carrying two mortgages so they needed to get this home beautiful home sold.

I’ve often said one of the most difficult things for any agent to do is sell a home where the owner has only been in it for a short period of time. The reason is, the Dallas market is not like California where home prices can go through the roof very quickly.

We have a very stable but slow growing real estate market, which is healthy. It just takes time for the value of a home to catch up to what the owner paid for the home plus any improvements they’ve made along with Realtor commissions and closing costs. Selling the home again over such a short period of time was going to be a real challenge.

There was another challenge to selling the home. Because it was the home builder’s model, it was highly finished out and because of that was already at or near the top of the market. Whoever got the listing was going to have to push the price even higher to sell it the second time.


Long story short, the owner interviewed at least five agents we know of. Heather Poehler did a great job convincing them our marketing program, social networking outreach, market share, and unsurpassed experience in Lucas made us the best candidate. Thankfully, they chose us.

The property was listed for $874,900 and we’re thrilled to say, we made the sellers “whole” on the transaction, even after commissions. Great job Heather!

If you’d like to see more of the home than what’s appearing on the gallery below, here’s the LINK