6423 CR 161, McKinney Finally Sells -The Story Behind the Sale

Many transactions seem to take on a life of their own and this one was no different. This one was tough for several reasons

  • It was a very unique home

  • it was a very expensive home at $2.45 million

  • Our listing had expired when it sold

  • We ran into a major hurdle at the 11th hour

Sometimes the listing agent (and/or buyer agent) is the only thing holding a deal together. Once an impasse is reached, whether the home closes or not comes down to the agent's experience, persistence, and negotiating skills.

6423 County Road 161 in McKinney was a very tough sale and Sean Elliott did a fantastic job holding it together. It could just as easily have evaporated with a less experienced or less patient agent.

The Property

We took this listing in August of last year. In "pre-covid years", that's always been when the market starts to slow because kids are back in school. Add to that, we had three months of the covid shutdown this year, so all that lost time was working against us.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the home. As you can see, it was beautifully appointed and very well taken care of.

It also had a gorgeous vanishing edge pool where you could sit out and watch the sun set over the trees. Just a gorgeous property.

But there were also some challenges. For example, an easement ran through the property. Although that didn't impact the property unless the future owner wanted to subdivide it, it was still a consideration.

There was also a very expensive airplane hanger on the property. The seller is a pilot and flew his plane off the runway/driveway.