Coronavirus and Home Sales, My Visit to the Doc, and Oliver, the Dog No-One Wanted

The Coronavirus and Residential Real Estate - Dallas hasn't been hit hard yet, but like a rolling tide, it's headed this way. However, we are being barraged with opinions, scares, warnings, and bogus information from the media, just like other parts of the country. So far, our activity hasn't shown any decline, but we're well aware that could change.

We at Keller Williams and The Grisak Group are all taking the prudent precautions and believe me, we're keeping a close eye on the market. I decided to take two polls, one from our Keller Williams Allen, Tx office of 220 agents and another from a national Facebook website which I belong to. In both cases, about half the agents were seeing some kind of negative impact in their own business and the other half said it's just business as usual so far for them.