Little Lucas Texas is all Grown up

Not too long ago I couldn't find comparables for a million dollar home we were representing a buyer one in Lucas. Those days are long gone and and $2 million is now the threshold for the top. That is, with the exception of two homes on Wendy Lane. The pictures you see below are on one of them, 1010 Wendy Lane.

They must have spent a year just building the infrastructure for this home before the home was started. At least it seemed like it. Back then, there was no gate so I drove by about once a month. I was just astounded at the amount of stonework that was going in everywhere ... around the pond, retaining walls around the home, and then the home itself.

This home is priced at just under $10 million and incredibly, there's another home on this street priced at $12 million. Much of that value is in the land the homes are sitting on, but with lots out here selling in the $250K range, it doesn't take a lot of it to get those prices up.

Neither of these homes are our listings, but I'd love to see both of them sell. In fact, I'd love to represent the buyer but my list of $10 million buyer clients is down a bit right now :-)

Lucas is such a wonderful place to live with most of the homes on 1.5 to two acre lots. A true small town feeling but we're right next to all the conveniences of great retail in both Allen and Fairview. You DON'T have to be a millionaire to live here either. Although it's getting difficult to find a home under $500K that doesn't require some updating, if you want to take on the challenge, you can still find those gems every so often. The trick is you have to be ready to make a strong offer when you spot one, and you probably won't ever see it at all unless you're already working with an agent.

Because Lucas is right on Lake Lavon, nights are quiet and you can still look up and see the stars. There's also lots of wildlife in the corps of engineers property surrounding the lake. There's the 19 mile Trinity equestrian and hiking trail. The Blackland Prairie Raptor rehabilitation center on Lake Lavon.

Believe it or not, there are 6 different school districts within Lucas. That's pretty amazing for a town this small, about 8,000 residents. All the buzz these days is for Lovejoy ISD, one of the perennial top three public school districts in the entire state of Texas, as rated by the TEA. Year after year we're right there with Highland Park and Carroll and often trading the top spot.

The owners of these homes could have built anywhere and they chose Lucas. That should tell you how special our little community is. Lucas doesn't have the panache or sizzle of Fairview especially with all their retail. What we do have is a very open feeling driving through it, lots of undeveloped land, a more relaxed lifestyle, and frankly, greater buying opportunities.

If you're interested in becoming a part of this wonderful town we so much enjoy, please let me know. We have four excellent buyer agents who know this area inside and out. And we've also been the #1 Fairview,Lucas,Lovejoy team for the past 19 years.