Lucas’s Claim to Fame

I’ll bet most Lucas residents have no idea that for decades Lucas had an unusual claim to fame. What happened here in 1978 is still talked about in today.

You might also recognize the Como Motel which was a bit player in the story. It’s located on the east side of Central Expwy right next to Pappadeaux’s and Pappasitos Restaurants between Belt Line Rd and Spring Valley Rd. It’s been there, looking exactly like that, since the 1950’s. Still doing business too.

Here’s the story …

Candy Montgomery and Allan Gore begin their affair

Candy Montgomery and Allan Gore became acquainted in 1978 while playing volleyball at their small church in Lucas. Bored by their marriages, they met for trysts during Allan’s lunch breaks at the Como Motel, where they carried on a torrid affair over the next ten months. The room cost $23.50 plus a $2 deposit for the key (all in cash, all in advance). In Evidence of Love, Jim Atkinson and John Bloom capture the Como’s mood: “The sleaziness of the place was what made it so illicit—and so much fun. The room was little more than a cubicle, ten by ten at the most, done in a tattered harvest gold. The curtains were drooping and frayed. The shag carpet was matted like dirty hair.” Less than two years after the affair began, Candy killed Betty Gore, who was not only Allan’s wife but had become Candy’s friend, by striking her 41 times with an ax in the utility room of her home. Candy then steadied herself, drove home, cleaned up, and promptly left again—it was her turn to pick up her and Betty’s children from the church day care. When the crime was discovered and she was ultimately charged with murder, the jury found her not guilty by reason of self-defense. Today the area has boomed with a wave of new residents who don’t even know the story. The Como appears frozen in time, though a room now costs $45, which presumably includes the use of the empty pool.