My Covid Shot Experience

If you haven’t had your covid shot yet, you might be curious how it all works. I’m in group B and had registered everywhere I could think of. For weeks, within 5 minutes of receiving an email about available doses, the appointments were filled. But I finally got in and got my shot last Saturday.

My shot was administered through the Collin County/McKinney provider at the McKinney Football stadium. It was fast and easy. It took me 45 minutes and that included 15 minutes of observation after the shot to make sure there were no immediate effects.

I showed up 15 minutes early and there were already cars in line ahead of me. Not more than about 10 or so. They had free shuttle buses from the parking lot to the locker room where the shots were given.

I registered at the first table set up outside where they verified I had an appointment. From there we walked to a second table inside the locker room. The wait line to get into the room was through a fairly narrow hallway and with two columns of people side by side, it wasn’t great social distancing.

It was fairly cold but at least there was no rain. I’m not sure what they would’ve done if it had rained.

We were directed to a second table inside where they took our permit (from the first table) to take the shot and they handed us a paper showing what day we took the shot and where. By the way, I was given the Pfizer shot.

From that table you moved over to a series of tables with firemen administering the shot, and that just took a second. After that, it was to a third room where we were monitored for ill effects. Some of us had a 15 minute observation time and others 30 minutes but I feel pretty sure if someone wanted to leave early they could.

It couldn’t have been handled any more professionally. Most of the people working were volunteers.

One last thing, while I was in line waiting a lady in front of me told me her friend had gone to the Dallas Convention Center the week prior. She said their wait time was SIX hours in their cars. I don’t know what that was all about but mine was fast and easy.