My Own Covid Safety Attitude Adjustment

I was at Gloria’s Restaurant in Fairview the other day and had a chance to talk to their manager about how they’re handling the crisis. I didn’t see any of the patrons wearing a mask but of course, all the staff was.

He said the Dallas stores require anyone walking in to wear a mask until they get to their table then they can take it off, but it’s not yet required in their Allen location. I asked who actually makes sure the restaurants are in compliance with the distancing and he said it was the fire department. They check on all the restaurants periodically.

BTW, until recently I wore a mask everywhere except restaurants but I changed my mind after reading an article the other day. Three doctors were asked whether they felt it was safe to walk into a restaurant without a mask. All three said “no, it’s risky. The people in the restaurant are not only breathing the virus into the air but they’re also talking, which exacerbates the situation”.

Then I read a horror story about what’s happening in Parkland Hospital at this very moment. People of all ages and health status are fighting for their lives.

Sometimes patients start to recover then for no apparent reason, they go into failure. When the organs start shutting down one by one, there’s no way to reverse it. Just very, very scary stuff so, I’ve decided I’m going to be extra cautious.

As one of the doctors said “No-one likes wearing a mask. They’re uncomfortable but not as uncomfortable as wearing a ventilator”

Should I even be going into restaurants? That’s debatable, but I’ve made it a risk I’m going to take, at least for now.

I’m not trying to be preachy, you have to make your own decisions as to what works for you. I’m just sharing one person’s opinion.

Stay Safe Everyone!