New Listings, Buyer Opportunities, Some Nice Sales and More in Title

What a great week for The Grisak Group! We don’t get to enjoy activity like this by the time we get to late Fall so we really appreciate it now. Every one of our agents are closing deals at a fast clip. Sean Elliott, Heather Poehler, Lynda Roundtree, Kelly Pearson, Sunni Sutton and Erin Hickman are all running hard. Here’s a quick summary of our week.

You might think a Realtor’s work stops when a property goes into title, but that’s when it really begins. On some transactions, we’re literally negotiating on the day of closing, and that happened just recently.

It goes without saying not one of these transactions would have occurred without either a buyer or seller trusting us with their real estate needs. We know they have a lot of choices and we take that responsibility very seriously. That never stops as long as we have homes to buy or sell.

We Have 12 Open Houses For You to See This Weekend!

Our open houses this weekend range from about $299K to $1.5 Million. There’s something for everyone, affordable smaller homes on city lots to large acreage estate properties. We’re proud to present all of them to you. I’ll update you on the showing activity by price point and location next week.

Please Check Our Site Periodically If You’re In The Market

If you’re in the market to buy a home, you might want to visit our site periodically. If you’re ready to go right now, I’d check it at least every other day. At this time of year we’re sometimes adding listings daily.

By the way, unlike many real estate websites you’ll see, we don’t just link you to the MLS to look at everyone else’s listings.

We only market our listings and always have. You’ll see our listings before they hit the MLS and sometimes you’ll see homes we’ve sold that never even reached the MLS. We sold them that quickly. Right now we have $2.8 million of listings in title just like that.

As of today, we have just under $27 million closed and in title for the year. We have some lofty goals for 2019 and a long way to go to get there, but this is a great start.

If you’re in the market to either buy or sell a home, or know someone who is, I hope you’ll let us know. You can always call me at 214.850.1519 or email at