Oak Meadows of Fairview is Now Sold Out!

Erin and I have just closed on the last lot in Fairview’s fabulous Oak Meadows. There’s a long story about this land, but bottom line, it was almost a “forgotten” property until the developer started to bring it to life a couple of years ago. I used to drive down to the dead of Red Oak Trail, look down on this land through a padlocked gate, and wonder if and when it would finally be developed.

The challenge with the property is a good portion of the 60 plus acres was in the flood plain located at the bottom. Losing that much land to non-buildable flood plain, I just didn’t know how a developer could make the numbers work. But the developer had a vision which he shared with us even before the dirt started flying. He was right and the project turned out to be more spectacular than Erin and I ever imagined.

The developer, Steve Dinapoli, had just completed Three Oaks, another high end development right up the street on Country Club as well as a major development in Plano. He came to Fairview unknown at the time but a great reputation.

This was just such a special, pristine, untouched, and almost unknown little gem right in the heart of Fairview, Mr. Dinapoli knew he could make it something very special. He had to figure out how to retain the natural beauty of the rolling land, save as many trees as possible, protect the home sites from the flood plain at the bottom, install the infrastructure and after all that, still make a profit.

Oak Meadows has 10 lots total. There were actually 11 when it was kicked off, but one of the homeowners purchased two lots together. Every single lot has something special to offer. The larger lots on the lower portion of the development all overlook the beautiful greenbelt and the smaller lots on the opposite side of the street commanding views afforded by their higher elevation.

I’ve seen more than one developer move into Fairview and Lucas and just create havoc. They were at constant odds with the towns always looking for an edge, pushing the boundaries, and then threatening legal action when they don’t get their way. After the project is finished, they’re off to the next town leaving frustrated citizens behind.

Mr. Dinapoli’s success on both Oak Meadows and Three Oaks was in no small part due to his willingness to work closely with the cities and the townspeople to satisfy their concerns and assure them he wanted it to be a win/win situation.

Mr. Dinapoli also took it upon himself to reach out to the surrounding neighbors to assure them Oak Meadows was going to be something they could all be proud of and in the long run, it would enhance the value of their properties as well. I believe it already has.

By the way, Mr. Dinapoli has just closed on another tract of land in Fairview which will have 13 lots of approximately one acre. It’s called Harbour Oaks and Homes by JAnthony will be the exclusive builder on those lots. Mr. Dinapoli has long term plans for more Fairview developments and we’ll keep you posted on those.

Below is a video we put together last summer when there was just one lot remaining in Oak Meadows. Beneath that you’ll find a schematic illustrating the listed prices on the lots.