One of Our Most Unique Listings Ever Closes Today

We are privileged to see so many beautiful homes. That’s one of the perks of selling real estate in this wonderful area. 575 Country Club in Fairview is without doubt one of the most unique we’ve ever sold. If you ever dreamed of living in a treehouse as a kid, you’ll probably love this home too.

As you can see from the pictures, the home sits on stilts. It would have been impossible to build at grade level because it’s in a flood plain area. It’s nestled under a canopy of old growth trees on a very private 4.4 acre lot.

A huge wall of windows brings the outside right into the home and there’s a wonderful walkout balcony taking you into the treetops. Just a really neat home.

This was one of the easiest transactions Heather Poehler and I have ever done. It fell out of contract once, then was picked up again immediately. There were no issues through the entire process and I can’t tell you how unusual that is. For some reason, even this market is booming, we’re having to fight tooth and nail to close some of these transactions. This was a welcome break from that.

There are lots of great agents out there, so we were honored to be chosen to sell the home for the previous owners. We know the new owner is going to enjoy that gorgeous home and setting too.

The home was listed at $1.39 Million and is a classic example of how difficult it is pricing custom homes on acreage here in Fairview, Lucas, and Parker. We can professionally market in our sleep, but getting the price right is often a real challenge.

For example, where do you find even one sale comparable for a home built on stilts and sitting in the flood plain? You won’t unless you leave the immediate area and by doing that, comparable loses its significance.

This is where our experience really comes into play. We want to price our listings high enough that we don’t leave money on the table for our sellers but not so high that we don’t get offers. I often say pricing custom homes on acreage in Fairview, Lucas, and Parker on acreage is an art, not a science.

By the way, we normally reshoot the exteriors of listings we take in the winter at about this time of year but because this home went into title so quickly, we never had time. But these winter pictures will give you a good idea of what a beautiful setting it is when the trees are in bloom.