One Story Behind One Sale

Many of our sales have stories behind them. Sometimes I share them and this is one in particular I wanted to.

We just closed on 1201 Rolling Knolls in Parker last Friday. You might be able to tell from the grass the aerial was taken last Fall when things had already dried out. That’s when we originally listed the home at $925K.

The seller was having a home built and it wasn’t ready until March 1st of this year so that delayed our getting this home on the MLS. We were just about ready to pull the trigger getting the home on the MLS when Sean called and said he thinks we can get more for the seller. He re-ran the sale comparables and they showed the possibility of a higher sale price. I was all for it so we increased the asking price by $25K. He was right and the home sold quickly.

The point I’m making is we could have just put the home on the MLS at the original listed price, sold it, and the Seller would never have thought twice about it. But Sean felt an obligation to try to get more for his client, and he did. That’s the sign of a great agent really looking after the best interests of his client rather than his own.