Our Last Sale of 2022

This was our last sale of 2022.   The  beautiful home is located at 405 Woodlake in Wimberly Place of Allen and was listed at $3.395 Million.

This was a tough sale. It seems like a new challenge would pop up as soon as one hurdle was cleared. It took three parties, Erin Clifford, a very proactive seller and me all working to get it closed on time.

Anyone who tells you real estate is easy just doesn’t understand this business. It’s late night calls and texts, negotiations, compromises, etc. You’re always on call. Your clients expect and deserve for you to be there.

Whether we’re listing a home or representing a buyer, we take the responsibility very seriously. We genuinely care about our clients and can never really relax until their property closes and funds. It can be very a very stressful life for an agent but at the same time we’re grateful for the opportunities.

We’re so happy the sellers can now start to enjoy their new home