Our Second and Third Million Dollar Home Sales Last Week

As I mentioned a couple of days ago in the last blog posting, we had three million dollar plus sales last week. One of the sales is a new construction home at 1370 Red Oak Trail in Fairview.

The second sale was on a phenomenal home in Fairview. Unfortunately, I can’t show you pictures or give you the address because I agreed not to publicize the sale. You won’t see it on the MLS either because the seller asked that we not post it there, but I can tell you it sold in the $2 Million range.

Even without the MLS or a sign in the yard, we were able to generate two very good offers and the home sold for full asking price. That speaks to our knowledge and experience in the area, the strength of our website, and our ability to reach out far beyond the MLS. Of course, we believe strongly in the MLS and support it, but we don’t solely rely on it to market our homes for us.

The pictures you see below are of the third sale … 1110 Snider Lane in Lucas, a very nice home, beautifully updated with a pool and barn. It was already set up for horses and backed up to the Trinity Equestrian Trail. We’ll be taking these pictures down in a week or so, but thought you might like to see them before we do. This home was listed for $1.495 Million.