Our Team Luncheon … Erin, Sean, and Heather Are Recognized

Although our clients know the agents, they probably have no idea how many of us are also working behind the scenes to make sure they’re taken care of. We’re not just listing and buyer agents. We’re also listing coordinators, contract to close specialists, marketing personnel, technical personnel, SEO experts, web personnel, copy writers, stagers, etc.

We’re only two months into 2021 and already have $34 million closed and in title. I can tell you first hand, It takes a special team of very dedicated and knowledgeable professionals to move at this speed, avoid mistakes, and deliver the care our clients deserve. Of course, I’m biased, but I honestly believe we have the best in the business in every facet of our organization.

Today I wanted to recognize three team members who have not only helped us to reach our goals to date. They’re our three top agents by production, but so much more than that. They’ve been instrumental in developing the entire culture of our team.

These three are always there when one of our newer agents needs help. They’re always the first to volunteer when we need volunteers for a special project. And I always listen to their sound advice when we’re making improvements to our processes. They’re solid in every way and such a great asset to our team.

Erin Hickman, our team leader, has been named Senior Vice President. She and I came over to Keller Williams alone 8 years ago expressly with the intent of building a successful team and she’s sure done that.

People love Erin because she’s fun to be around, always ready to laugh, and genuinely cares about everyone. Every year she’s one of our top producers and does a fantastic job of juggling her management and agent responsibilities. Above all, she’s the reason we’re who we are.

Sean Elliott has been named Vice President. He provides a very important role. He’s the only other man on our team so I have someone to talk to about golf and “guy things”.


In all seriousness, he’s a fantastic agent and has worked through some of the most complex and difficult transactions we’ve encountered. Somehow they always seem to fall into his lap but he always gets them closed with everyone happy.


If someone needs help with anything at all, Sean is always there.

Heather Poehler has also been named Vice President. She joined us two years ago and has been our top agent every year since then. She’s already off to another amazing year in 2021

Heather is a tireless worker and fiercely loyal to her clients. She works from dawn to dusk and somehow manages to always make the time for her family. She’s an inspiration and role model for the newer agents. They get to see up close how you can be successful in both business and family life

Below, Left to right … Sean Elliott, Cheri-Lynn Wyman, Tom Grisak, Heather Huff, Jessica Devenny, Heather Poehler, Leslie Hatfield, Whitney Heemeyer, Courtney Peugh, Wendi Splawn, Erin Hickman. Unfortunately Rhonda Grisak, Amanda Breard, Lael Rogers, and Jennifer Hurst could not attend.