Podcast with Lovejoy ISD's New Superintendent, Dr. Mike Goddard

Although I'd heard a lot about Dr. Goddard and his reputation, I've never had the opportunity to meet with him one on one. After only a few minutes, it became clear why he is so well liked and respected.

I asked Dr. Goddard about his journey since leaving Lovejoy and what brought him back. We also discussed the differences between Lovejoy ISD and the large school districts like Allen ISD and Plano ISD. I asked him about the challenges he sees for Lovejoy, a property wealthy district, and how we're going to keep up the high standards the parents have come to expect.

If you're not familiar with Lovejoy ISD, it's one of top three public school districts in the entire state of Texas per the Texas Education Agency. Four different cities feed into Lovejoy ... Allen, McKinney, Fairview and Lucas. We also have a small number of out of district families paying roughly $11,000 per year for their kids to enroll in Lovejoy ISD.

Our team has helped move families into Lovejoy from some of the best (and most expensive) private schools in the Dallas area. We're also seeing more and more families moving to Lovejoy from Highland Park, another top school district.

If you believe every successful organization starts with strong, capable, and committed leadership at the top, you should be feeling great about Lovejoy's new superintendent.

By the way, I have more podcasts coming up in the months ahead. Among them, I will be visiting with both the Fairview and Lucas mayors along with a well known Lovejoy ISD school board member. So stay tuned!